Hi, I'm Chris.

I'm a software developer and consultant based in Plymouth, UK. This site is a collection of tutorials, thoughts and things I've learned in code, life, and running my business.

Rails and React: Fixing “Module not found” errors for JSX files

Recently, whilst exploring how we can use React with Rails at Plymouth Software, we were coming up against an error trying to run the simple “Hello… Continue reading →

July 22, 2020 rails react react-on-rails jsx howto fix

Using MariaDB / MySQL Service Containers Azure in Devops Pipeline

I’ve recently been working a Rails application CI to Azure Devops Pipelines feature. As part of the migration, the app is also being bundled into… Continue reading →

December 22, 2019 azure devops mysql mariadb howto tutorial

The Business of Software at FutureSync 2019

Last week I was lucky enough to give a talk at the FutureSync 2019 conference in Plymouth. Entitled “The Business of Software”, taking the time to… Continue reading →

May 3, 2019 business futuresync conference plymouthsoftware

Rails 5: Matching Asset URLs in Feature Specs

As part of an ongoing Rails Upgrade for a large web application, I needed to update a feature spec that checked the URL of included assets. In… Continue reading →

October 5, 2018 ruby rails rspec specs testing

Rails on Docker: How to Share Containers Across Multiple Projects

When running your applications in containers, you usually want to isolate everything so that the app can be independent of any external . There are… Continue reading →

October 3, 2018 rails docker ruby compose

Rails on Docker: Using an Entrypoint File in your Containers

Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash. When using Docker to run your Rails apps in development, you might come across a leftover file in your… Continue reading →

August 23, 2018 rails docker ruby entrypoint