Chris is the founder and director of Plymouth Software, based in the UK.

Chris' goal in business is to stop the vast amounts of wasted time and resources organisations spend developing unnecessary software, and help them optimise their process to deliver successful apps.

Chris works with business owners, organisations and software teams to implement lightweight agile practice, and build continuous improvement and delivery into their software development process.


Chris is a full-stack developer who wrote his first lines of code in early childhood. Today, he primarily helps organisations building software with Rails (Ruby) and Docker, but also enjoys developing for other platforms such Android (Flutter / Kotlin), iOS (Flutter / Swift).

He has worked in a number of organisations, and has been on both the user-testing and software engineering side of development.

This gives Chris a value-driven and user-focussed perspective on projects, and he works constantly to eliminate wasted effort, streamline development, and optimise delivery through agile practices and automation tooling.

Continuous Development

Chris continues to enjoy learning new languages and frameworks, and figuring out how those can be applied in business.

He also enjoys the journey of building his own business, and sharing his experiences to help other new and growing business owners.

Chris regularly experiments with new software tools, frameworks and languages, with recent examples being Go and most recently Elixir.

Plymouth Software

Through his company, Plymouth Software, Chris works with organisations such as National Trust for Scotland and Plymouth University.

Chris also works with early-stage businesses to help refine their software strategy, validate their ideas, and build great products.

Chris has twice completed the Plymouth Half Marathon, raising funds for Jeremiah's Journey in 2011, and Macmillan Cancer Support in 2012. Today he does more swimming than running.

When not writing software, Chris enjoys being a dad, exploring new cities, swimming, and the fine art of drinking tea.


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2010 - Now: Plymouth Software Ltd Founded Plymouth Software web and mobile application development.

2007 - 2010: WebBased Ltd. Lead PHP/Rails software developer (WBI Systems).

2006 - 2007: University of Plymouth (P/T) Lectured full year course in object-oriented software design.

2006 - 2007: Self Employed Freelance web and software application development.

2003 - 2006: BSc (Hons) MediaLab Arts First Class University of Plymouth, England

2000 - 2002: Norwich & Peterborough Building Society Business Systems Tester