Amberleaf Update: Bill Tracking for Domains and Hosting

Amberleaf Billing

It's been a long time coming, but today finally saw the launch of Amberleaf's bill tracking for domains and hosting accounts. How to implement billing had been troubling me for a while, but I finally decided to keep it simple.

So, I spun a branch in git and started coding. I gave myself a time limit of 3 days to get something built and released. This proved a useful tool in keeping me focussed. Despite the inevitable "if only it just did this..." going through my mind, pledging my deadline in public helped me to stick to it!

I designed the billing system to simply track income and bills that were due to be paid. No complex invoice generation or sending invoices to clients - that's better left to specialist tools like Freshbooks or Invoice Machine. The plan is to eventually let Amberleaf interact with these services to generate invoices.

If you've got an Amberleaf account, just sign in to see the new billing functionality. If you've not yet signed up, Amberleaf is completely free during the beta, so why not register an account to check out the new features? There'll also be a limited free account once Amberleaf goes live!

I'd love to hear your feedback if you're using Amberleaf to manage your domains and hosting accounts - you can send feedback directly from Amberleaf using the Send Feedback tab, or tweet @cblunt.