Lanyon: An Email and Web Interface to Jekyll

I really like the idea of sites like posterous which use email as an interface for publishing content. However, I just moved this site to use static content built by Jekyll, and didn't want to maintain multiple blogs.

So I created Lanyon, a quick Rails 3 app I built in an attempt to bridge the simplicity of Jekyll with the accessibility of email/web publishing systems like Wordpress.

Lanyon polls an email account for posts and, when detected, automatically publishes them. It can also automatically commit and deploy your blog using Jekyll, so posts appear without the need for manual intervention.

Lanyon also provides a rudimentary web interface to your blog, so you can create, edit and delete posts.

Lanyon gives you the advantage of being able to publish from anywhere, but still maintain the simplicity of static content created by Jekyll. I wrote Lanyon to allow me to post to this site as I'm travelling (we leave for Hong Kong tomorrow!). If all goes to plan, I should be able to post entries without the awkwardness of vim and SSH on a mobile phone.

So here's the first test...