Resource: Google Nexus-S Graphic for Inkscape (SVG / XCF)

I needed a reasonable representation of the Google Nexus S for my site and some client proposal work. There are some stunning examples out there already, but those I found were generally in PSD or non-scalable PNG formats.

Being a long-time Ubuntu convert, I needed something that was scalable and worked nicely with Inkscape and GIMP - so I set about drawing my own.

The graphic is far from pixel-perfect, but gives a good representation of an Android device for proposals and mock-ups, etc. The XCF is sized so the screen area is 480x800; the SVG is of course scalable.

This is my first release. The source files in SVG and XCF format are included in the download, and licensed under MIT. Free to use and improve however you wish.

Download .zip

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