I'm currently focusing on these things in my life:

Other than the exceptions below, I say no to everything else: recruitment/employment offers, business partnerships, equity/profit–share deals, marketing services, outsourcing my development needs, stuff being sold over the phone, and so on.

Business Enquiries

Please visit for details of my professional services.

Help with your code

I genuinely enjoy helping and teaching other developers, and regularly receive questions for help on Android and Rails development. However, I need to manage these as they increase in volume.

If you have a small development query, such as help with a particular piece of code, please post it on StackOverflow, and send me the link.

In this way, the whole community can benefit from - and contribute to - our learning.

For direct, one-on-one support for your code, or to discuss a larger project, I offer professional software consulting services through Plymouth Software.


Saying "no" does not come naturally to me. For years, though, I have spent most of my time saying yes to people's requests - but got nothing done myself.

People often ask me to do other things. I sincerely wish them the best, and that I could help more, but I must say no, because I need to focus on these things in my life.

Last updated : May 2024.

Inspired by zen habits and Derek Sivers.